House Mode Notifications - BAD DESIGN - VERA PLEASE FIX

I mistakenly assumed the proper design with the "Who should be notified?? setting … thus, only send alerts when the device is ARMED. I was wrong, of course.

VERA LLC TEAM – Please relay to your development: the current way they have it, sending all alerts even when device Disarmed, is VERY BAD DESIGN.

Unless for testing, no one wants to get ALL door/motion events when home - that is plain stupid (sorry for being blunt but I must emphasis how bad that design is). Many of us have 20, 30, 40 sensors, both Z-wave and alarm panel.

BUT if we can only get notifications when Armed, that is useful. There are specific sensors people will want notification of when in Home Mode.

For instance:

Front Entry Motion – notification of person came to the front door
Back or Front Doors opened – keeping eyes on kids to make sure they do not sneak out of the house
Kids Windows – making sure kids are safe and don?t open upper floor windows
… etc

Also there is likely a bug with Notifications.

Users & account info> Notifications settings … Here You can uncheck the option: “Security Alert (such as door/window sensor, motion sensor, door lock, etc.)”

– When I have that DISABLED and still sends me alerts when my House Mode was set to send alerts. So, unless the Home Modes alerts are set to Override the Notification Settings (this is not documented anywhere I can find!) then there IS A BUG.

Can you please send this to the Dev team to have them fix?


This is a USERS forum …

You will get minimal feedback from MCV here.

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:2, topic:195005”]This is a USERS forum …

You will get minimal feedback from MCV here.[/quote]

Hey now… there is a 1 in a million shot that someone from MCV will read it :wink:

btw… do you agree with my assessment of ‘most likely’ use cases here?