Honeywell Vista security panel vera compatible plug-ins and options

I am considering hooking up my traditional Vista 20P security panel to my Vera Plus U7 device. After researching all the forum items about this subject I got stuck on couple of questions.
There are two options

  1. EnvisaLink EVL-3/4 - CAT5 connection is needed to Vista (IP based)
  2. Nutech AD2USB - requires USB to Vera connection. so Vera must be close to the device.

the questions I have is that there are no current forum answers meaning noted in 2018 that support plug in for Vera controlling the EnvisaLink EVL-3/4. there is one for Nutech and its visible in the plug -in installation of vera application. EnvisaLink EVL-3/4 add on had been pulled away and is no longer available. is the nutech AD2USB also useful for plug in to connect to EnvisaLink EVL-3/4?

The price difference between option 1 and 2 is 10-15,- but the hookup is very different.

Basically I would like to know who has this running correctly with Vista 20P and what hookup did you use together with what Plug-in that is still available for July 2018.

Honestly I wouldn’t waster your time. I’ve had vera control for 10 years. It works great for z wave devices. Amazon support works well.
The rest of the interface or interconnectivity is garbage. The company does not support any of these apps, and when they fail they just get removed as if they never exist. I had great automation relying on my alarm sensors…and poof…one day it was all gone. You’ll waste time on something that has zero support and ultimately disappears.
My 2 cents.
PS - still waiting for ring doorbell integration - years since it was promised.

I posted this PDF on the steps to use the AD2USB style interface to a panel if you go that route. I have had it working rock solid on Vera Plus UI7 for a couple years now.

Alarm Interface to Vera Plus March 2020.pdf (744.6 KB)

Is anyone working on porting the AD2USB plugin to the ezlo platform?