Honeywell TH8320ZW1000 Pairing

Hi Folks,
I had a power surge, fried my router and it was replaced (Verizon).
Lost connection to Honeywell and cant get it back.
Repairing - Connection Failed
Removed honeywell from Vera, used ethernet cable to drape vera lite over honeywell (within 3 feet) tried again, Connection Failed
Followed the instruction to pair eg press button on back, slow blinking light, set honeywell to rf10 and 1 Connection Failed

Anyone have any ideas please.



Did you do an un-pair/exclude from the Honeywell or just delete it from Vera? I would guess that the z-wave chip still thinks it’s connected to something. I have messed that up a few times and had to reset the device. You should try to do an rf10 with a value of 0 and Vera in the exclude mode. If not there is always 0710 factory reset which will reset the zwave chip.

Hi rstrouse, thanks for the reply.

I followed the instruction to delete the Thermostat and from what i have read delete/exclude are the same thing. The scene has gone and the only devices left are door lock and pool heat.
I reset the honeywell but still no luck.

If I reset Vera2 will I lose my existing scenes??


I don’t think so. Try explicitly excluding it from the z-wave network, bring vera back up, and then explicitly include it…

I think you need to do a reset.

Go to the settings, and scroll to option # ‘0710’. Change the value from 0 to 1.

I had the ‘communication error’ message on the screen, adding/removing/rebooting the unit didn’t make the message go away. After I’ve done the reset (using option 0710), it’s working fine now.