Honeywell plugin for wifi thermostat ver 2.4

Has anyone been able to get this plugin to work? I have an rth9580wf which up until last year worked fine. Vera support basically tells me im on my own. The developer never replies and Honeywell says they have no involvement.

There are patches that have recently been published for the Honeywell TotalConnect plugin:

Unfortunately I have an edge. The issue seems to be that the plugin doesn’t properly transmit the login credentials. I should have mentioned that. Will there be a fix for this soon? Thank you for the quick attention.

I don’t maintain the plugin, I just provided a patch for a common problem that was affecting many plugins (including some of mine). You might try logging in to your Edge via ssh and running the following commands (after making a full backup including the Z-Wave dongle, of course):

opkg update
opkg upgrade luasec

May or may not do anything. At the moment, my Edge is tied up with the eZLO f…irmware.

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Hello…I am just sharing my setup and issue faced with that. I have it set up that when I “shut down the house” by Echo and the ISY, it sets the “COOL” temperature to 85 and the “Warmth” temperature to 55. Both are held at that temp for 12 hours. It works with the indoor regulator in either HEAT or COOL or AUTO. That is what could be compared to stopping the framework to me. At the point when I get back and I order Echo to “turn on the house”, it runs the formula that profits the indoor regulator to customized work. I can obviously turn the indoor regulator back to customized work through the cell phone application on the off chance that I need that to occur before getting back.

Hello … How do I install the rigpapa files [quote=“PLUGIN: Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Thermostats, post:787, topic:185402”]
[/quote] on my vera? (Eg, I notice that the zip file contains *.lua files, but the Honeywell files on my vera are *.lua.lzo files, so some conversion must be required. Is there a basic tutorial for how to install apps?)
Thanks, Mark

Upload them using the uploader in the Vera UI at Apps > Develop apps > Luup files. You can drag the files as a group. Upload the files contained in the ZIP, not the ZIP itself or the folder that contains them.

I uploaded your rigpapa 2020-02-14 files, rebooted and my app is functioning again. Vera Plus running
firmware version 7.31.

Many Thanks,


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