Honeywell Lyric T6 WiFi won't update from Vera Edge

I did use the MIOS Honeywell Lyric Round plug-in (Device\Thermostats) to connect my Vera Edge to my Honeywell Lyric T6 WiFi thermostat , which does control my heating at home.

The child device displays the values (CurrentSetPoint, CurrentTemperature etc.) from the thermostat as should, but I do have problems when I want to change temperature .
When I update the Setpoint using the webconsole (screencopy) with the arrow buttons, it returns the error: Heat setpoint value cannot be greater than Cool setpoint (10) .
I am use only 2 modes (Off,Heat) , so not sure where this comes from

Any idea how to solve this?

2019-10-03_08h39_58 2019-10-03_08h39_58

Try looking at the variables in the advance settings of the device. Perhaps the default cooling setpoint is lower than your heating setpoint:

Thanks for your response, I did check all variables.

Did try to change Allsetpoints, but at next sync the Lyric T6 overwrites it again
AllSetpoints 19,10,0

Sorry, I do not have that specific device so I am out of ideas.

Same problem for me running on vera plus.

Seems the round plugin does not work for the lyric T6 :weary:

as said, retrieving the values seems not to be problem. Works as should, but updates from Vera edge to T6 results in error.

I solved this issue by putting my D6 pro to Heat mode and then setting the heat temp to 18c. Once I did this I could set a Cooling temp down to 18c.

Why this stupid limitation is built into the MIOS Lyric Plugin is totally beyond me, it not a Honeywell limitation as I’ve tested it using just the Honeywell app and it doesn’t care what the set-points are for non-active modes.