Honeywell Ademco Lynx Security

Greetings fellow Vera friends

This is my effort to save the investment on existing security solution and I am sure there may be others who may be (or will be) looking for similar solution.

Honeywell Ademco Lynx (aka Lynxr-en) Security system is one favority ADT solutions, I guess. I have seen it at too many places. This supports X-10 as well but I am not using that feature. I have a model 5800 wireless as well and was wondering if any one ever tried to look into the integration part with Vera/Z-wave for ability of

  1. Notification
  2. Arm/Disarm
  3. Bypass if required.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. And yes I will do the summary once exhasuted all possibilities and/or found a good stable solution for the same.



@Keeper I have the same panel did you ever find a solution for yours? I’m wondering if this would work: [url=][/url]