Honeywell 5800 Z Bridge

I have a vera lite and a Honeywell 5800 Zbridge

The 5800 Zbridge is not your normal zwave device. it only sends out zwave commands IE lights on, heat setback. it seems that is is not two way in its communications.

I would like to have my vera see these commands, but to date have not been able to enroll the 5800 into the vera. I am guessing that the 5800 is a primary device?

Is there anyone who can steer me in the right directions


Have a look at the ad2usb ademco plugin forum in the plug in and development section.


I have the Honeywell L5000 wireless alarm panel the ad2usb will not work with this panel

It will not work then. Unless you swap it out with a vista panel and keypad, I think both support the same wireless sensors so you could keep those.