HomeWave Push - no notifications past 48 hours?


The flexibility of the Homewave interface, how well it works and how responsive it is… nothing compares.

@intveltr would still give my left nut for an external editor though, as doing complex intefraces on the iPhone is a PITA. Something like iRule’s builder would be awesome…


Best to wait for the update, or just manually install the XML file posted earlier. If you uninstall the push app, you will have to add it again to any scene where you’ve used it.

I screwed it up and deleted and reinstalled. Affecting editing the device ID in every trigger with the new device ID, still no notifications. I can turn on/off lights with the app but when sensors triggered or doors are opened…nothing.

Anyone else getting notifications?

Check the push ID you entered into the plugin against the one in HomeWave. Also, are you still on 1.5 after reinstalling?

Same push ID on both, I’m on 1.6. I went and updated the device ID in the Luup code. Out of ideas. I can see and control the devices from the app but no notifications.

How come you had to update device IDs in luup code? Does the test button in the plugin work?