HomeWave and Vera/ISY Fan control

Hi intveltr,

Long time, no talk! I have restarted a little development update on the Vera/ISY plugin here:

I know with Altsteon, I could get a FanLinc to show up and link it to a “Thermostat Setting” control.

With the latest plugin and latest HomeWave on my Vera (UI5), I can only get a ceiling fan to show up as a dimmer. I much prefer the “High/Med/Low/Off” buttons.

What would you need (either info from me, or different in the plugin) to be able to have HomeWave see them as fans? Or maybe create a general dimmer choice with the option to specify how many preset names/levels? Then the user could apply that to any dinner.


If the fans already show up as dimmers (and can be controlled that way), then the easiest option would be to add a dimmer option with buttons.

In the UI, they are depicted as a different device type (“urn:schemas-garrettwp-com:device:ISYFanLinc:1”) but the expose the service “urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:Dimming:1” for control.

In HomeWave, I can create a dimmer control, and it shows the fans as assignable. Once I assign them, they are controllable and will update, and based on the percentage they get set to hi/med/low/off.

High LoadLevelStatus = 100
Med LoadLevelStatus = 75
Low LoadLevelStatus = 25
Off LoadLevelStatus = 0

Any chance of adding these preset dimmer choices/labels?

Currently considering it :slight_smile:
Also useful for regular dimmers.

[quote=“intveltr, post:5, topic:193394”]Currently considering it :slight_smile:
Also useful for regular dimmers.[/quote]

I know this is an old post but what ever happened with it? I’d like to control my Fanlinc with Vera. TIA