HomeWave and Aeon Multisensor

Just got the multisensor from Aeon (motion, light, temp & humidity) and wonder what I should do to be able to see the values in HomeWave? I’ve added the devices but none of the three rows show the actual values (CurrentLevel/CurrentTemperature). Can I change the variable/s shown in HomeWave some how?

You can either add a couple of Sensor controls in HomeWave and link them to the various child devices created by the Aeon 4-in-1, or add a Multi Value control (the one with the 3 rows). If you open the properties for this control, you’ll see the selected variables for each of the 3 lines, and you can change what is displayed there.

This is strange. After your reply I checked again and now the Aeon shows up both under Sensors and Multi Value. I guess it just took a while for everything to fall into place. Great! :slight_smile:

I question though regarding the Multi Value. The light sensor value shows up with a percentage sign which it shouldn’t (value goes >100, I guess Lux). When adding the light sensor as a “stand alone” Sensor I don’t get the percentage sign. Is there a way to remove it when using the Multi Value?