Homeseer HS-LS100+ Leak Sensor with Vera

I have a Vera and am trying to get the Homeseer HS-LS100+ leak sensor working and just can’t seem to do so

When I pair it, it creates 4 or 5 devices, I believe 2 or 3 motion sensors, a temperature sensor, and a leak sensor.

The leak sensor does not work. I tried this:

device type urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:FloodSensor:1

device_file D_FloodSensor1.xml

device_json D_FloodSensor1.json

and it still does not work. When i create a leak, I see the LED go off on the sensor, but it’s not tripping anything in vera.

I’m running out of ideas here - Is there a plugin or something for this? Am I using the correct settings? Any more in depth way to troubleshoot this?


So I am assuming you have tried using the flood sensor in a Vera scene which alerts you when it trips? I have Fibaro leak detectors in several places throughout my winter home, and when they trip in a scene that I created, they trigger a Fortrezz shut off valve to close. And they work to do that, since I have tested them with water. They are pretty darn sensitive. They also created temperature devices, which I can used in scenes as well. Finally they also trigger when they are moved (tamper sensing). They are battery operated devices, but the batteries last for over a year before needing to be replaced; the battery levels are reported on Vera as well.

I am using the Fibaro FGFS-101 Gen5

with the following device file: D_FloodSensor1.xml

I actually figured it out -

I had to also change the category and subcategory of the device - Now it works!

I’m looking to pick up like 10 of these. What category did you have to change it to? Have you had any other issues?

I looked at the Fibaro ones, but I’ve had problems with their devices in the past, and their support, coming out of Poland, is virtually non existent. I’ve read reviews where customers bought their $50 devices, and after two months, they failed, and Fibaro wanted the customer to send it to Poland at their own cost, which ends up costing more than the device.