What do you guys think about this way of creating your rules/scenes???

Are we able to do something like this with Vera?

[url=http://youtu.be/W8PJ5oeWrOY]HomeMaestro - YouTube


Pretty limited:
In Vera Scenes – Can be triggered on OR of any input.
In HomeMaestro – Can be triggered on AND of all inputs.

Use PLEG — You can have much more sophisticated logic such that you do not suffer the problem they list:

There is always an exception to the rule. No matter how carefully a user scripts up his home, because people's schedules and preferences are always changing, any home automation "rule" will only work as anticipated at most 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time, it will fire unexpectedly, annoying or perhaps embarrassing the user.
And I would say with more sophisticated rules in PLEG you can reduce this to below 20% If you do not believe this than you should believe that with only [b]AND[/b] logic or only [b]OR[/b] logic this will be much less that 80%

NOTE: All of you Electrical Engineers out there know we can do this with all AND or all OR logic … but you use a lot of NOT and of course you would need parenthesis to group operations.


I understand that we can make much stronger/more complex scenes by using pleg. But what i more wanted to point out with this video is the way how easy it is to make a scene, by just doing what you would like to happen…

In my opinion it would be a very user friendly way of creating scenes, also for the less technical users.