Home Usage Graphs

Can someone explain to me why there are three identical graphs of the same data? Currency, Energy, and Carbon?!? As Vera doesn’t support having multiple costs for energy depending on the time of day (as some of the electric companies do in my state, thankfully not mine) these graphs will always be identical as Currency and Carbon are simply costs based on the Energy usage (and yes I assume some of this will change if I had solar or other renewable energy). I am just a little surprised that they need to re-draw the graph instead of making one multi bar graph or just putting the vertical axis with multiple labels. The Energy module being a frame to another site is slow enough without having it need to keep loading every time you want to see the same data in another way. Though then again this is almost as annoying as the energy window not taking up the full page and requiring you to scroll while completely surrounded by inches of white space or needing to completely reload if you resize your window. In general it is well over due for an over haul. Ideally more of it should be built in to the plugin rendered by the unit using data from an API not simply a portal to a completely separate web page. It would make it not only a lot faster but reduce the load on the servers we are pulling the data from.