Home Network setup

Vera has been inconstant over the last few weeks, so I moved it to a different part of the house which seems to have fixed the inconsistency issue. But I’ve had to shuffle another PC around at the new location.

Up until the move Vera was setup as a switch connecting throw another gateway in the house in Static mode with my Network cable plugged into the WAN port. Now since the move I’m trying to plug the PC into the LAN ports and utilized that for connectivity to the Inet. Is there a way I can set Vera up to keep the static address and give out DHCP address for anything plugged into the LAN ports? or is there some other way I could configure it?


Advanced → Net & wi-fi:

How does Vera connect to the Internet? → Directly to the internet. Vera is a gateway.

Internet/WAN → Static IP → your settings here

LAN → DHCP server → On → your settings here

Ok I did that and my pc now gets an IP address, but now vera is giving the pc its address for the gateway and my PC can’t use that to get to the inet. I guess I could put a static IP on the PC, but I’d like to do DHCP through vera. Any ideas?


Please read this wiki page: http://wiki.micasaverde.com/index.php/Networking_Setup

Thanks I made it much harder than it had to be. I actually just set it for automatic configuration and I think I can get by with that. I’m not getting the errors I was before so all appears to be well. Thanks again!