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My Ezlo Plus controller shows offline when I go to home.getvera.com
I can access the controller in my Vera Moble app. Any suggestions to fix this?

Hello @Benvolio36

The behavior that you observe through the home.getvera.com portal is normal since the new Ezlo controllers do not currently count with an accessible web UI. The access can be achieved through the VeraMobile app as intended.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to submit a support ticket through support@ezlo.com

How do I load apps (like day/night) on the eZLO plus? If not possible then how do I tell a scene to only execute at night?


In the mobile app, you will now find an option to add “groups of events” which will allow you to add all events that should met in order to execute a scene: for example, you can select a device as a trigger and also add a second activation condition to be a schedule (everyday at X time of the day), or select before, at or after sunrise/sunset.

I will create a ticket to contact you by email.

OK. I played with the scenes and I think I got it. I’m going to have a light to turn on after sunset if a door sensor is opened. Thanks for your help.

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@Benvolio36 You’re welcome.

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you can even add Delays or times…eg: 10 min before sunset or 10 min after sunset etc…All within your Mobile app.

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