Home Depot Sale - Over 75% Off ZWave Devices

Home Depot seems to be removing Intermatic from its stores and is having a sale on all stock for over 75% off. I paid $24.91 for the Intermatic Z-Wave Master Remote Control and Lamp Module Kit - HA101K, and $9.91 for lamp and appliance modules and $9.91 for HA06C switches. Did not really need everything I bought, but for those prices…

I know Intermatic will not continue with this line, but it appears WD will be picking it up.

Must be an “In-Store Only” sale, because HomeDepot.com doesn’t seem to show any Z-Wave products by Intermatic. :frowning:

Let us know if you have any particular URL’s or SKU’s to share before the sale ends.

Also I haven’t seen any Z-Wave devices in any of my local Home Depots…

On the other hand, I remember seeing Intermatic Z-Wave devices in local Lowes couple years ago, but when they had a similar sale with 75% off, those were gone in a day!

Sorry, it is in-store.

In the HD by me (Bridgewater NJ), they have removed the stock from the shelves so you will have to ask if they have stock. In my local HD in NJ they still have a lot of items in stock.

Waste of time - sales rep haven’t even heard of this and customer service just redirects back to sales rep…

Went to both Home Depot and Lowes today, scoured the electrical and electronics sections, with NO sign of Intermatic components with any Z-Wave technology, nor any Leviton/Vizia products.

Did see some Schlage pushbutton locks and deadbolts at both, but none of the LiNK line (BE369GR, for example) … which had been present at Lowes just a few weeks ago. Oh, all the pushbutton models’ batteries were dead.

Hence, no “75% off sale” of any kind whatsoever. Figured I’d let you know.

I looked at two local HD’s as well. Nothing with Z-wave…I spoke to the reps and tried to explain what I was looking for and none had any clue.