Home Buddy Broken since last two updates....

Home Buddy is broken since (at least) the last two updates…

Vera UI2,… Android 4.03, stock.

Not working… Connection to Vera over local network…
Not working… Tap to pan on cameras (broken for quite a while)

Note: I will absolutely NOT update my Vera beyond UI2, as all subsequent (so called) “upgrades” leave security in the hands of MCV for all authorized users… NOT an acceptable solution.

Having been in IT for the better part of 30 years, it’s not realistic to expect a developer (especially of a free program) to be able to support an OS release as far out of date as yours.That would be expecting someone in the Windows world to support XP and Win7 but also Windows 3.11.

It’s your Vera and your decision which OS version you want to run on it. But to state blatantly that Homebuddy is broken and expecting it fully support an out of date (is v2 actually still supported by MCV?)to me is a bit unrealistic.

I’m grateful to Rakstar for all his work and the fact he’s not charging people a penny for using his application.

i had the same issue on jellybean

i found that uninstallint he program on the android devidce and then reinstalling fixed ths issue

No need to uninstal, juste need to erase data and it works.

Envoyé depuis mon SN10T1

I did an uninstall reinstall on my androind 2.3.4 phone and it fixed my crashes. Probably jyst had to clear data but ih well, no big deal.

So- which is your favorite android app to use with micasaverde

I like Home Buddy becusae of the scene management is the best.

However, its hard to see quickly whats on and off. I have 30 zwave devices, and i find its much easier on the “vera Mobile” app to quickyl see whats on and off -

I use both apps regularly.

whats your experiances?

I use Vera Mobile (the one with the leaf) on my iDevice as it’s free, works well and has rudimentary support for viewing my IP cams. (no PTZ or presets though) iVera unfortunately is quite pricey and seems to have little in the way of development lately.

On my Android tablet, I used to more or less 50/50 use AuthomationHD and Homebuddy. Since I installed IP cameras I’ve been gravitating more towards AuthomationHD as that app allows me to view them whereas Homebuddy at this time does not. Since my table from the factory has inductive charging I am trying to come up with a cradle I can stick it in and hang it on the wall. So it is charging, until I want to use it.

Clear data resolved the issue for me as well. Just had to set it back up again.

It would be nice to be able to export the settings (including favorites, but not the password) to make things like this easier to set back up again.

I have evaluated 4 apps on an Android phone, filtered that down to two for evaluation on an Android tablet.
On the phone i looked at Vera Mobile, Home Buddy, AutoHomation, AutoHTN.
I found AutoHTN to have a lot of built in sample devices where As other apps only show discovered devices (defined in vera). I did find the gui a little odd looking but that is just my opinion. It did have Audio Video equipment but I assume it still must go through vera…i was hoping it would have allowed me to enter actual ir code strings to support builtin ir blasters or wifi to ir blasters (so i rolled my own ir controller). I dont have enough different device types to warrant the use of this app, perhaps i will reconsider in future…good work to the developer keep refining it!
Vera Mobile didnt show my security alarm items so it was out quickly.

Home Buddy is sexy, smooth, stable, and mature. I really really really like the little letter that shows the state of the alarm panel on the home screen. The slider behavior is rather annoying in that its hard to get it to the value i want and it flipps back and forth a lot…but im not sure if thats the actual app or not. The performance is a little slow in comparison to AutoHomation.

AutoHomation is smooth, stable, and VERY VERY VERY FAST. It isnt as sexy but does have some cool device detail screens and did i mention it is really fast? The support from the developer is excellent. It seems to support everything that i have in vera quite well!

I currently use AutoHomation the most because its fast speed and the larger device panels and it seems to have better slider behavior. I occationally pop into home buddy to get a quick peak at the alarm state.

On the tablet, home buddy’s home screen looks nicer on the tablet than on the phone but i still seem to use AutoHomation the most.

I have only been using them for maybe 4 months now so my preference could chang in the future.

– Don’t forget to tip the bar tender…oh wait that should have said: Don’t forget to tip the app developers :wink: