HM-TS001 temperature/humidity sensor

I need to add two temperature sensors. One will be under the house (enclosed and protected from water, etc.) where temperatures may go down to freezing. (The idea is to notify me and turn on a heater when this happens; the other sensor is to monitor temperature inside the house.)

I saw the “HM-TS001 temperature/humidity sensor” and it looks like the ideal device, however I note that it has an outstanding bug (#664,

Does anyone have any experience with this device, or another device that will monitor temperature?

I have this sensor and it will report temp (not humidity though it has the capability) to Vera’s dashboard but until MCV adds the support they have promised it can not be used in any automation or alerts since it will not show up in the device pick list for scenes


Like in the Danfoss thermostat, you have to do a little trick to get this device included in scenes/events. Read this page to get an idea:

Of course, this tutorial should be adapted to your HM-TS001 - download the current .xml file for that device, modify that file and upload it back.

If you don’t feel sure about adding new functionality this way, send an email to our support.

mcvovidiu , are you saying that customizing the file will allow temperature based alerts? (I am thinking not) Sounds like it would be added as generic IO then you would have to use the devices own on-off settings to trigger a scene correct? Is MCV still working on full support for this device as they have indicated?

Correct pgrover516. I’ve posted that wiki page about adding a device to a scene as a generic On/Off device. And we are working on full support for this device as well as others which now are not fully supported.

Any idea when full support will be available of the HM-TS001?

I noticed some motion detectors also report temperature. Are any of these devices fully supported?




We received some logs with the HM-TS001 included in the home automation system. As for now, that bug remains opened and we will try to see what’s the problem, but I don’t know exactly the time when we’ll have the solution.

@MCV, thanks. Do you have access to HM-FS001 (flood sensor) as well? It doesn’t appear to be recognized by Vera, according to this thread -