Hisense Smart TV

Hey Guys,

I’m looking to control my Hisense Smart TV with VERA. Any suggestions? can’t find anything…


I would be interested in On / Off.

The least expensive option would be to use a Broadlink RMPro2 for the IR side.
There is a Broadlink Plug In that controls the Vera side.

Hi, I’m also trying to do the exact same thing as the OP. I found the RM Pro 2 quite easily, but can you give an exact name for the “plug in”

I checked the app center via my veraplus and it found this:

Broadlink Vera Concierge

Broadlink RM (IR and RF commands) via the Vera Concierge Server

But it does not seem to be installing. Claims it has, but I cannot find it in the device manager.


Search the old forum as there is another PI developed for AltAU, IIRC you can also use.