HIKVISION NVR virtual motion sensors in Vera?


Has anyone got a Hikvision NVR integrated with Vera and having virtual motion sensors for each IP cam?

Thinking about buying a 4ch [broken link removed] or 8ch NVR.

Can the NVR / camera(s) send out a http json command to Vera upon motion detection /line crossing?

And send out another http command upon motion ending?

Blue Iris can do this.

I’m not interested in having the actual camera images integrated into Vera, just the motion alerts.

Anyone have a Hik NVR integrated?


I have seen this almost working. It had the features you wanted but used to get stuck trying to disarm the motion detection occasionally. it was written by one of our suppliers and is no longer available. My point is that it is possible.

in general nvr have inputs and outputs, why not use them with a zwave device ?

I have a nvr thats old, i use push notifications to my phone, these are forwarded by automate to a local automate, which then sends http request to update a virtual http sensor.

Have thought about that. Perhaps with a door sensor that has a binary input.

But would I need a Z-Wave device for each channel / camera?

Automate as in the ios app for Vera?

I dont have any ios devices only Android.

automate is android app

If the Hikvision nvr can send out a http alarm on motion start and stop it would be easy to add virtual motion sensors in Vera.

But I don’t know if the nvr’s have that function?

That might work then I could run it on a wall mounted tablet in the house.

i have a andorid box behind my tv, this gives my tv a better smart tv functions, i use this to display the cctv app when a front door sensor is tripped.

So push notifications sent to the Android device from the NVR for motion start and stop.

Are then sent out via Automate app as a http request to control the virtual motion sensor in Vera as tripped not tripped?

My nvr sends a push notification to the app on my android device, the app then displays a nofication. I then use automate to intercept the notification and then send a http request to vera. On vera i use @therealdb virtual http plugin, which has virtual sensors.

My nvr does not send a push notification on motion stop.
But you could send a http request when you dismiss the notification if you wish

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I see so how do the virtual motion sensors in Vera become untripped?

And you have a different virtual motion sensor in Vera for each camera / channel on the NVR?

i use reactor/scenes to reset after 5 seconds

Yes i have 2, 1 front door and one back, i don’t bother on other 2 cameras but i could if i wished.

OK thank you very much for your suggestions I will keep them in mind.

Any other suggestions from anyone else?

I have a similar setup, plus I trigger a tablet running Fully Kiosk to launch my cameras and close it back after a couple of minutes.

I do that with my doorbell cam and the Imperihome app on the tablets, it brings up the cam image and then closes.

This is how I integrated the doorbell cam with Vera but I had to use Blue Iris.

If I buy an NVR I don’t want to have to use Blue Iris as well as my PC isnt fast enough for more cameras.

This video is a Fibaro Home Center 2 demo with a 16ch Hikvision NVR that has four alarm outputs on the back of it.

He is using 2x Fibaro Universal Binary Sensors or the Fibaro Smart Implant could be used.

So you’d need an NVR with several alarm output ports on it, to do more than one camera integration in to Vera for virtual motion sensors.

The 8ch NVR I was looking at only has one alarm output port. I’d need at least two alarm output ports.

Or some of the Hikvision cameras have their own alarm outputs on them, so you could connect a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor directly to a camera rather than to the back of the NVR.

I have Zwave motion sensors under my two porches and connected to my synology nas. They work very well. I will probably move to something else soon, mainly because I don’t want to change batteries every year. They’re protected from rain but outside for the last two years.
I added them because animals and trees were always triggering false negatives.