HikVision cameras vendor

Does anyone have any preferences for a retailer that sells the US version of the HikVision cameras? I believe I will order from Amazon as Ebay is just a tad too iffy for me. Problem is that Amazon has a dozen or two vendors for the 3mm bullet cam. I am looking at ordering from the HDSecurityStore via Amazon as they state they have the actual US version not the brown box clone.


If someone has a reputable Ebay seller I am more than happy to look at them, but I prefer Amazon.

I ordered a 2532 on amazon that was fulfilled through nellys and it was a US version in a color retail box, some of the amazon sellers sell the Chinese versions that come in a plain brown box but advertise it as a US version, so ask the seller if you are not sure. I have also ordered two 2632 and one 2432 from aliexpress seller CCTV camera China with good results, these are obviously the Chinese versions that come in the plain brown box and Hikvision will not warranty but I have had zero problems with them and saved quite a bit over the US versions.

I buy the brown box from who ever has them the cheapest and never had a problem with one. I like to spend 80 to maybe 90.00 shipped on them. Amazon has US ones for for I think as low as 115 or 120. I usually buy 5-10 at a time for one complete house.

Go over to the IP Cam Talk forum and look up user milkisbad. He is a dealer for non label US Hikvision cameras at great prices. The company that he works for does not sell to the public, but has a deal with his employer to sell on the forum if you contact him directly. I’ve bought many Hikvision cameras from him. They are located in NJ.

  • Garrett

Nelly’s security is a good vendor. It wasn’t until after I bought that I realized they are right here in the town I am located in. And I only realized it because some of their demo videos show a local grocery store that looked familiar and sure enough, its the same one.