High temperature sensor, up to 350+ celcius

I have a pt1000 temp sensor today that monitors the heat in the chimney from our fireplace.
I wanna monitor the heat monitoring to my z wave system.
Anyone got an idea how to do that?

Hi matshj,

I think you can divide your problem into two parts:

  1. The sensors capable of these temperatures and corrosive environment have very low sensitifity. The PT1000 changes only 0.138 ohms / ?C. You will need a circuit to convert the PT1000 to something readable by a typical microcontroller. If you would consider using a type K thermocouple you could use this board to condition the signal (http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAX31855-K-Type-Thermocouple-Breakout-Board-Temperature-1350-C-for-3V-5V-Arduino-/272111586923?hash=item3f5b1d4e6b:g:-KQAAOSwpRRWoK7u)

  2. I’ve looked into getting a hardware signal into Vera for my own use. The only path I could identify is to use an Arduino connected to the Vera USB port. for more, see Mysensors.org.

If you find a plug and play approach please post it as I’m sure others are looking as well.

Hope this helps.


Here is the sketch for a thermocouple temp sensor: