High battery drain with Eurotronic Spirit thermostat


I have a problem with the Eurotronic Spirit thermostat draining the batteries. The first Spirit I’ve installed in the bath had the problem that every other day there was “INS” displayed on the thermostat and I had to remove and re-insert the batteries to solve this problem. I sent it to Eurotronics (also other Spirits because this was a batch error) and got a new one. This Spirit drained the batteries in a short time (a few weeks) and I returned it again. But the new one I got also drained the batteries very quick. So I returned it again and got Version 2 of the spirit as a replacement.

Now I’m testing the new version of the spirit that’s advertised with longer battery life and a better control behavior. Yesterday it displayed 100% battery. Today this morning I took a look at ther Vera App and it shows ony 45% and at midday it drops to 40%. I am afraid it drains also the batteries.

I wonder why this happens. I’ve got five other Spirits in the other rooms where I change the batteries once a year. The first spirit I had in the bathroom (with the “INS” error) also didn’t drain the batteries. So I don’t think it’s a fault of the radiator valve (only a few years old). All thermostats are included to the same controller (Ezlo Plus) so they should behave the same.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Maybe with other devices too? What should I do next?
Somehow isolate the error? Install the thermostat to another radiator, where is no battery drain to rule out the radiator valve as a fault? I can’t ask the manufacturer to replace the thermostat again.

Good afternoon,
Thank you for reporting this. Issue confirmed and we will try to check is it gonna happen also in our test because such a problem wasn’t suspected before.
We will update the information for you as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Ezlo Support Team.