Hiding an aube rc840t relay/xformer for thermostat use?

I have “Comfort Cove” heaters (220 line voltage) that I want to hook to z-wave thermostats. Going to use an Aube RC840T-240 relay to switch them. Problem is that the Aube will fit in a regular baseboard heater but not these little things… they are long / little triangular wedge shaped heaters that go near the ceiling.
See: Features | Cove Heater | Electric Radiant Heaters

There is no room for a relay. So where do I stash the RC840T? I really don’t want to put it up in the attic. It’s designed to mount in a knockout hole of an electrical box. High voltage on inside of box and 24volt/thermostat connections on outside. I could put a box in the wall near the current heater and slip the whole thing into the wall, but the xformer would be in the wall. To me that just doesn’t seem ‘safe’ from a code point of view. It’s going in a cabin, so does not have to be ‘fancy pretty’. Just don’t want wiring or xformer showing in the room itself.


no room near the breaker panel?

Ahhh Bulldoglowell good idea, but breaker panel is flush mounted in a wall too. (No basement).

I may grab a 4x4 electrical box, put a low voltage divider plate in it and see if I can cram the unit in half the 4x4 box. If so just need to put a cover on it and can paint to match wall. Its the only thing I have come up with that ‘might work’ so far. The Aube is just over 2" wide. Could drill divider plate, mount Aube on it. Low voltage one side, 220 on other.

Not sure how kosher that is, but it seems a lot safer than anything else I have come up with.

How about a New Work Junction Box in the wall. You may be able to get that behind the heater.

Yeah, sorta what I was getting at in last post with separator in middle of box.

It looks like the Heater has multiple knock outs on the back side. Can you mount the Aube in one of those such that it is “hiding” behind the heater. Bring the 240VAC in through the other knockout?

Also the Aube is meant to mount inside the wiring bay of a heater in addition to knock out mounting. That is what the two slotted holes are for. Are you sure it won’t fit against one of the walls of the wiring box of the heater?

Lastly your only option is to put a box somewhere between the breaker panel and the heater and knockout mount the Aube. Both the box cover and the Aube must be accessible for maintenance. That can be behind a wall if an access panel is provided.


No room in heater itself, triangular area inside is too small for Aube. However I do like the idea of access panel in wall. I can put one just off to the side of the unit where wires go in and you will never notice it. Minimal rewiring involved with that option.