Heltun HE-TPS04 and Vera Lite experience

I bought one of the new Heltun 700 series 4 switch units today hoping I could get it to work with my legacy Vera lite (using UI7). It works great after a tweak!

So I added the device as a generic ZWave controller and Vera added all the child devices for each of the switches as well as the temperature, humidity, and lux. Controlling the switch via the GUI worked great, but status reports were not being sent back when you controlled the switch locally. This is the first I’ve dug into the complexity of ZWave associations and I ended up in a twisty set of randomly different suggestions, none of which helped. I could see that the switch was sending things back which was a good sign.

Eventually I came across this post [RESOLVED] Fibaro FGS-223 second channel not working with Vera Edge and I tried step 2 - adding the multi-channel association to group 1. Worked great.

I wanted to leave a post about it for anyone else searching Heltun!



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