Help with Truen Camera

Have a camera that I was given but don’t have any user manuals. I’m trying to identify what the image URL and username and password are so I can try to add it to Vera.

This is the camera|1|1&ctt=user_product_view_us&CatNo=20&Rid=41&Act=0

Can anyone advise how I might find out the Information I need.

Thanks in advance

Maybe try?


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Thanks for that. I tried that a while ago but no luck. What would I use for username and password and channel?

I am not familiar with your IP camera.

However channel is likely to be main and sub streams.

Maybe try 1 or 2 as the channel or 01 or 02 or 101 or 102 etc.

And the Vera add camera wizard allows you to specify the user and password in form fields. So you shouldn’t need to have the user and password in the actual URL.

Cameras vary however some use


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I’ll try different channel numbers. Trouble is without documents I don’t know user and pass or even if they are required. :frowning:

Best to test possible URLs either in a Web browser or VLC video player using the open Network Stream option.

Is there no user manuals available? Try searching Google for the default username and password for that brand of camera.

I’ve been searching for a user manual. No luck so far. I have emailed both Egloo and Truen but no reply so far…

Here’s the response I got from Truen who make the camera. So I guess I can’t use this camera?

"For your inquiry, we cannot provide address.

RTSP is not available because of the server and encryption operation when it is connected with the server.
I’m sorry for not giving you a positive answer."

Presumably there is no URL address for jpg snapshot or mjpg video then either if they are saying that.

I guess not. But that’s a good question and I’ll ask that. Do you think there are such URLs and they just don’t want to release them?

I recommend Blue Iris. It works with almost any camera and you can connect it Vera to have Vera arm/disarm Blue Iris, and use the cameras as motion sensors in Vera. I set it up years ago so search the forum on how to set it up.

Doesn’t Blue Iris need an Rtsp stream though in the first place to be able to add the camera into it?

I emailed truen again asking

“Perhaps if you can’t give me the rtsp address you could provide instead the URL address for jpg snapshot or mjpg video ?”

The response I got was “we can’t provide that”!!!

I’ll put the camera on eBay. Someone will like it :slight_smile:

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Yes sounds like eBay is a good idea for that camera.

When buying IP cameras always look for ones that support local Rtsp streams and jpg snapshot and mjpg address’s etc.

I use Hikvision cameras as they also have a local API you can use to send commands to from Vera for some functions.