Help with Schlage Locks and Schlage lamp relay

I have a Vera Lite running latest firmware.
I have setup 3 Schlage locks. The locks all configure and work properly when they are near the vera. Only the front door lock communicates with vera when in the door. The other two are apparently too far away.
At the suggestion of this forum ,I purchased a Schlage lamp controller/relay RP200. I installed it and configured it and it is placed within 10 feet of each of the 2 non-communicating locks. I then ran a repair under the z-wave settings tab and the 2 locks still fail to configure. Can anyone give me a little help in finding a solution please?

I bought as Schlage FE599 and it was really unrelaible. Sometimes it worked, most of the time it didn’t. Always seemed to be going offline, even when it was right next to the veralite.

I had tried removing it and adding it using the Mios U15 panel and the same thing happened. I then tried removing the device (using the - button on the Veralite) , and adding it using the + button on the Veralite. I don’t know if just coincidence, but worked perfectly every time after that with decent range. Is it possible that these Schlage locks can be only partially paired with the Veralite with unrelible results?

Thanks for the tip!
I ended up removing and then adding both locks. Not sure if doing it by using the buttons on the Vera Lite had anything to do with it, but that is what I did. My guess is that adding them after the lamp/relay was already in the system is what did the trick.
Anyhow, working now. Thanks!