Help with new Setup Plan?

I was planing on a new System for Home Automation. I am planing on completing the setup in multiple phases. I wanted to do some research and ground work before hand as a Phase 0 :). I know some of these questions might have been beaten up to death already, I am reading through the posts to gather information but some of these seemed to be more specific.
So here I am to see if I can gather some insight and recommendations from your experience. Please let me know if the project looks over ambitious or is plain BS :slight_smile:

Phase 0: Ground work

[ol][li]I have Cat 6 Cabling run to most rooms in addition to existing phone & co-ax runs.this is mainly for AV(smart TVs and such)/Computer connectivity in the rooms.[/li]
[li]I have the cabling guy scheduled to come back again to complete the work with some more pulls.
Any more cabling run recommendations for specific purpose? better now than realize later that I should have run it earlier.[/li]
[li]I have the network (wired and wireless) component setup.[/li]
[li]I have a Vera 3 on order and should be arriving this week.[/li][/ol]

Let me know if there is something else that comes to mind in terms of ground work.

Phase 1: Lighting/Fans & Control

[ol][li]I have recently replaced the incandescent bulbs in lighting fixtures with Feit Electric LED from Costco. does the LED brand matter as much for Z-wave Applications?[/li]

[li]could you comment on your experience with GE & Levitron Switches as drop in replacement is there a reason to be inclined towards one more that the other when it comes to ease of setup/quality/aesthetics and such. What model would you use for
Regular On/Off Switches
3 Way On/Off Switches
3 Way Dimmer Switches

[li]Is there a way to control the regular ceiling fan with a chain pull speed control using Z-Wave I currently have an On/Off wall switch and use the Chain to control the speed[/li]

[li]If I wanted to control a set of lights triggered by motion sensor/control remotely while retaining the Switch control,
Would I have to replace the switch with a Z-Wave Switch and add a Z-Wave PIR sensor as well to achieve this, or could I just leave the regular switch and add a Z-Wave PIR sensor and get done with it?
I was considering Aeon Labs DSB05-ZWUS for the PIR so I can leverage other triggers such as temperature down the lane.

Remote/Scene Controllers:

[ul][li]I was looking to mount 2 Android all in one PCs or tablets as Central/Master controllers (one on each floor)
If anyone has gone this route, I would like to get their insight on what hardware/software/Apps are you using for something like this? [/li]

[li]I was also looking for a hand held/wall mountable/tabletop controller for master bedroom, media/game room,family room.
If anyone has gone this route, I would like to get their insight on what hardware/software/Apps are you using for something like this?
If tablets are your best bet at these, was hoping these can be expanded to play the role of an audio/video intercom between the main controllers and the rooms.[/li]

[li]I have also looked at some of the wall mounted programmable scene controllers,
If anyone has gone this route, I would like to get their insight on what they are using and what scenes typically are you guys using it for?[/li]

[li]I was also looking for smaller hand held Z-Wave capable universal remote controllers for rooms to control the Lights, Fan, TV, scenes etc within that room.[/li][/ul]

Phase 2: Security

[ol][li]I would be looking to replace the current Lock on the door with a Z-Wave lock. any insight on the three pros/cons of Schlage, Yale & Kwikset?
My current setup seems to be Separate Handle and Deadbolt.[/li]

[li]I have a DSC Security system in place.I would like to leave it as an independent control. However, is there like a way to be able to just get a “read-only” or “inform” kind of feedback polled or update from the DSC to Vera? Dont need to control any of the security lock/unlock & such. Just get the feed on the current status.[/li]

[li]Since I already have Ubiquiti Unifi APs for wireless, I wanted to go with Unifi Video solution for the Video cameras. Anyone has any experience with these?[/li]

[li]any advice on intercom between the controllers/Door bell integration and such?[/li][/ol]

Phase 3: Drapery Control
Anything that you guys use that you could recommend for motorized window drapery track?

will skip the below for now, dont want to get way ahead of myself. will take me long enough to get the project to this phase!!

Phase 4: Home Theater & AV Systems Integration
Phase 5: Misc

Thanks in advance!

kiriti, I hope someone shows up who can answer your questions better than I. As far as Z-Wave modules go, I don’t have much experience. The assortment of modules I bought (various light and switch modules, etc. but nothing fancy) seem to work fine with my VeraLite.

FYI, I just bought a Feit Electronics LED lamp from Costco and it seems to work OK with my GE lamp module. I actually like the color (3000K) and it seems to dim just fine with that lamp module.

Good luck on your installation!