Help with Ezlo transition?

I just recently had my vera edge bite the dust and had to get and ezlo. So far my issues are 1. Can’t log into my Ezlo from the web on pc or phone. It says controller offline. From my phone app works fine on 5g or home wifi. 2. Can’t find a way to run reactors on Ezlo? I’m sure there is more but these are my main 2 issues right now. Any help is appreciated.

Multi-System Reactor (MSR) works with ezlo hubs, though that feature may still be in beta at the moment. It’s not as simple to set up as Reactor for Vera was/is, but ezlo controllers don’t use plug-ins that way.

I hear there is (going to be) a way for you to manage ezlo hubs via the web/PC, but for now, I believe it’s all done through the mobile app.

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Its live already…
It has some Automation capabilities…and much more coming…

Multi System Reactor (MSR) does support Ezlo hubs.

It’s not a plugin however that runs on the Ezlo hub itself, like Reactor for Vera previously did.

You’ll need to run MSR on an additional box like a Raspberry Pi, NAS, Linux or Windows etc.

Ezlo are developing their own inbuilt rules logic engine called MeshBot, but its still catching up as yet.

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That is correct…Unlike MSR Ezlo’s inbuilt logic engine does not require you to setup a separate computer.

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Same happened to me with my Vera, I got the EZLO plus and it has been a waiting game on many devices. Although they are trying and certainly making an effort to get devices recognized, it’s still a waiting game at this point.

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Thanks to all! I miss my Vera but maybe in the long run Ezlo will be better. Again thanks for responding.

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