Help with Evolve LFM-20 relay (previously ZRF113)

Completely confused about how to wire this relay…

When I bought the Evolve LFM-20 my plan was to use it in an isolated sconce fixture that would be wired directly to our electrical panel and controlled via the LFM-20 and a remote Leviton 4 zone controller (no direct load).
Good so far- no problem.

The sconce is currently controlled via a switch on the fixture. It works fine.
I wire the LFM-20 into the box behind the sconce (line and neutral) then connect ONE of the two blue colored leads to the hot lead of the sconce light, and the neutral from the light to the other neutrals in the box.

The LED on the LFM-20 comes on, it switches (I can hear the relay tick over and the LED goes on and off) and it will include into my zwave network. BUT THE LIGHT NEVER COMES ON!

I’ve tried both blue leads, separately connected to the sconce’s hot wire and together. Nothing.
In fact when testing the sconces hot lead when the circuit is on and connected to the LFM-20 and should be under load, there is NO power that is detectable by my voltage detector coming from the relay switch.
If I disconnect the sconce load, THEN the relay outgoing leads are hot. In fact they are hot whether the relay switch says it is On or Off- except if it is under load.

I am truly lost as to how this relay is meant to be wired. Perhaps my LFM-20 is just defective.

Any help would be really appreciated! Please! Image attached.

Based on your diagram the two blue wires are an isolated relay meaning they will not allow current to pass through when off and will allow current to pass through when on. The two blue wires should be in series with your light circuit…in other words the lights have two wires to complete the circuit, a white wire(neutral) and a hot wire(black)…I would tie one blue wire to the black hot wire and the other blue wire will feed the light. The light must have one side tied to neutral to complete the circuit.
I hope that helps.
Tim Alls
AllSeas Yachts

Thanks, I might be getting closer to understanding this! A quick question to clarify-

So even though the diagram shows the black and white wires from the relay (left side of relay diagram) as connecting to house line hot and neutral, do you mean that one of the BLUE wires also needs to be connected to the house line hot and the other blue line to the hot (black) for the light?

That would be one connection I have not tried!
Thanks so much for your help.

This relay can be used for low voltage as well…the diagram doesn’t really show you how to do what you are doing…it is very general. The bottom line is that the Hot wire passes through the relay to your light, so you must feed one blue wire from a hot wire…in your case you stated it perfectly. And of course…be careful! High voltage!
One blue wire to black…the other blue to the light.


That was the trick- thanks so much!
I appreciate your help.

Had the exact same issue, and following this, it worked great.

I wired it all 3 white’s together; grounds together; hot black, relay black and one blue together; and the load black and the other blue together and it worked great for my pool pump.