Help with Envisalink4-Honeywell-Vera integration

Hi, I have heard that this integration (Envisalink4-Honeywell-Vera) is possible, and I have also heard that it is impossible to link the Honeywell to the Vera, via the EVL4. Which is true? Can I set this up, has anyone done it? If so, how?

Please let me know.


I am also thinking about connecting my Vera Plus to a Honeywell security system using Envisalink. Have you (or anyone else) done this and how is it working?

This used to be possible using the older Ademco Vista plugin, but sadly the developer of that stopped supporting it, and it disappeared. I continued to use it successfully until one of the recent UI updates, and it stopped working. Now, I too am desperately trying to figure out a way to get my Vista P20 alarm working with Vera once again.

I tried the DSC Alarm plugin, as it also supports Envisalink, so I thought that just maybe I could get this to work with my alarm (I really hoped the key was talking to Envisalink). So far, I am unable to get this working with my Envisalink / Vista P20 combination.

I was wondering – has anyone successfully got the Honeywell Ademco / Vista panels working using Envisalink and the DSC panel plugin?? I can’t help thinking that the tweaks needed to make the Vista panel work might not be extensive since the Envisalink is the common controller?

Would love to hear from anyone as to whether they have been successful!

Hi is there anyone thats come up with a fix for this yet?