Help With Changes

It’s been a while since I used Reactor and there have been a few changes. I have several door and window sensors (not in a group) that will ring a zwave bell when one is tripped. Not a problem listing each sensor as an “Or” Condition, but it used to be “Status” equals 1 or 0 to get the true that triggers the activity. “Status” doesn’t exist anymore as a qualifier. Is “Tripped” the same thing?

Yes for sensors like door contact sensors, tripped = 1 is opened and tripped = 0 is closed.

There is also an Armed Tripped variable as well.

There’s been no change there. Security sensor type devices have always been Tripped, and that’s determined by the service ID that Vera uses for the device, not Reactor. Status is typical of switches and dimmers, although it appears in many other device types as well.

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