Help wanted to integrate a 3th party IP controler/gateway (2way feedback)


I’m new to vera, i just ordered a Vera lite to try to integrate this with a Myhome Bticino/Legrand HA system.
I’m waiting to receive it but would already like to dig into this question.
As i’m new I would appreciate some help to achieve this.
Myhome works like this
you have a gateway with a TCP protocol ,IP, port and password. (192.168.1.XX port 20000 (default) )
Each “devices” receives an adress ex. : A 1 PL 5 (a light actuator and a switch can have the same adress so they communicate directly.)
To turn on light 15 i have to send the command 1115##
To turn off light 15 i have to send the command 10

Pretty easy it seems to me
To have the feedback of a light you have to monitor on the network for those commands.
I use command fusion iviewer with succes with this method.

Can anyone help me?
I can provide the full protocol documentation
Thank you

Look here to get you started:

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