HELP w the big pic...IRIS vs Vera 3 vs Vera lite - should I spend the $ on vera3

I’m getting excited about going to generic z-wave vs Iris which I was going to buy. I need a global perspective of someone who has built thier system and can tell me what not to do. I’m cross eyed after hours of reading posts. THANKS in advance for your time and help!!! :slight_smile:

I do not want to get a dedicated security system!

I like the control and no fees of mi casa verde, but the video of iris (not the storage amount tho)

Would you get a vera3 or vera lite I cannot find clear reasons why I should get the vera3, other than vera3 is on it’s own wifi system and processes faster.Is very 3 needed for complex tasks or can vera lite handle this. What are the pros and cons of this? I have wifi, but I would rather buy vera3 for better camera feeds LAN ports vs WIFI, capabilities, etc if need be. I guess the vera3 system could stay in the home when I sell it and that person would not need wifi at all. I plan on selling in 2 to 3 years, if the market keeps getting better where I am. now that I think about it I could leave my old router as well bc I double V lite needs internet, but rather just the router, and I do have a router sitting around in a drawer. Thoughts?

My goal is: When a door is broken into, or motion sensor registers an intruder, a couple cameras turn on and either store the video on my pc drop box account and/or on the vera website; I would prefer to my phone also. I would also like a light in that zone to turn on and a notification to my cell so I can look at the video and call the cops if need be, or turn off the system at work from my cell if it’s someone I know or an accident. I would also like to be able to give a picture or video to the cops of the person and be able to zoom in on the video so see a face. I can easily get 1 to 3TB drive for little these days to store this footage.

Note: I already have the home depot 3m thermostat which may work with vera, but I don’t really need it to.

anything else would be wonderful e.g. lighting when getting home, curtains would be a dream, and home theater setups.

What I will probably buy in the first shot:
1.) Vera system 3 or lite
2.) schlage door lock
3.) 5 door sensors since all ground access is through doors of some type
4.) 3 to 4 cameras (1=garage, 2= main room/entrance, 3= rear entrance/kitchen, 4 camera coming up the stairs to the rooms if there is a time lag to when the video starts.
5.) probably a dozen light switches
6.) For my theater I would love curtain or blind motors that don’t cost more than $300. Otherwise I can walk 10 feet to shut the blinds.

I’m sure I will find more to buy

Please help recommend best cameras (I’m thinking foscam) and devices to get from your experience. I was going to get everything on Amazon probably due to the return policy and bc I am a Prime member, nut now I am thinking that may lead to incompatible or difficult devices for vera. Should I focus on radioshack with coupons/discounts instead?

Welcome to the forum. The best advice I can give to you is read up on the forum. Many of the questions you have asked have already been answered numerous times. Also some good sound advice, if security it your goal. I would highly recommend that you invest int a dedicated security system that integrates with Vera. For example a very popular security system is the DSC PowerSeries 1616, 1832, or 1864. A dedicated security system will provide a more reliable solution for security than using z-wave or any other type of home automation devices.

  • Garrett

awesome good to know. Now did you mean use the optional wireless zone and cameras with that system or wire my whole house? I didn’t see anything that said it wcould connect to a z-wave unit, just to a central station which I do not want to pay for to monitor my house. I would prefer paying Schlage’s Nexia or Lowes’ Irus to monitor it myself. would I be watching DSC security wireless cameras on vera phone app via the communicator module?

Just thought a broad picture of everything would be good and reading a lot of post has made me cross eyed and lost at times on directions to head.

1.) DSC PC1616NK Power 1616 Alarm System $59
2.) DSC Kit16120CP01NT Power 1616 Alarm System Kit $123
3.) DSC RF5132-433 Thirty-Two Zone Wireless Receiver Module $55
4.) DSC PC5320 Multiple Wireless Receiver Input Module $55
5.) a wireless camera module
6.) not sure which communicator is needed for vera I saw this dsc a half dozen at alarmssystemstore dot com under expansion modules

Installing the DSC and configuring the security system can be a little challenging at first, but it is worth it for a dedicated security system. There is a lot of information on this forum about the DSC and what you would need. To break it down, you would need a PowerSeries Panel 1832 or 1864 would be best (1832 can have up to 32 devices, and 1864 up to 64 devices). If you want to go wireless you’ll need a keypad that supports wireless sensors. DSC just released a wireless transceiver unit that allows the system to be completely wireless (meaning the keypad does not have to be hardwired to the panel). Not sure if this is available. To interface the panel, you best option is the eyez-on 2ds or 3ds add-on module. This allows you to have the panel connect to your home network and interface into Vera with the DSC plugin. You can also have them monitor your home for a very low few (around 10 dollars a month but is not required).

I personally think that schlage and lowes iris paid packages are a waste of money and limited on functionality. Also look on the forum about security cameras. Many of us use foscam wifi cameras. Again there is a lot of information on this forum. Research is key and many of your questions are most likely already answered in the other threads.

  • Garrett

You won’t need the PC5320. This module is design for very big installation. Normal wireless range is about 300m (1000’). You’ll find with integration with your HA, the 1616 does not have enough zone and you would be better with the more zone of the 1832 or 1864. The rest as per Garrett’s comments

I’ve decide I will not be going to traditional security and will stick with Z-wave/ vera as my primary system, so any help from your experiences would be grateful. I will not have the siren option as well.

My thoughts are vera3 becuase I’ll be using cameras