Help? - temporary disable scene from running

Hey guys

Wondering if it’s possible to temporarily disable a scene - I have a light that comes on in a morning to wake me up but if I get up before the light comes on I just want to tap a button to temporarily disable the scene so the light won’t wake my wife up - but the scene needs to be enabled automatically ready for the next day - hope someone can help


Can you not just press the Green button that has like a power icon so it goes grey? That will disable the scene.

That would mean logging into the app/web disabling the scene then remembering to activate the scene again ready for the next day – there would be times when I would forget to re-enable it - to me that’s not a smart home

You will need to have a trigger or something that should make that scene disabled, that could be if another device has been turned on/off, or perhaps if a door has been opened within a certain range.

Please let us know if you have another device that could determine if the scene should be on or off, if so, please enable remote access and PM me the serial number of the unit.

Thanks - I sent you a message

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