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I have an old Vera 3 hub that I dusted off and I’m trying to get working again. I don’t remember my password for it and I tried adding as a new device but it’s not finding it on the network. I can connect to its wifi and it gives me a login popup that I tried using my old login info but it wasn’t working.

I also tried adding the device manually but it’s telling me the serial number is invalid. I pressed and held the reset button but from my understanding that only resets the network and not the actual login credentials.

It was working fine before I just didn’t need it because I didn’t have any zwave devices for it but I purchased a few and I wanted to see if I could get it working again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My recommendation:
If you can I would put the new Ezlo Firmware on it vs the old Vera firmware.
Because Ezlo Firmware is actively developed and supported by a sizeable engineering organization.

is it possible? Do you know where I can find a tutorial?


The Vera 3 is a very old hub, and if you haven’t used it in a very long time, it most likely still has a UI5 based firmware which we’re no longer supporting (ie: it will work but there are no new updates since 3-4 years ago).

If you send me the SN of the unit, we can look it up and try to provide specific instructions to try and get it back online.

However, if you recently purchased your z-wave devices, my recommendation is to go with one of our newer hubs since the devices may not be supported in the old UI5 based firmware. If you agree, Per Melih’s approval we can include you in the Ezlo Plus Beta Program, which would make you eligible for a free Ezlo Plus hub.

The Ezlo Plus beta program is ongoing and you can find a lot more details in this thread -> Beta feedback Ezlo Plus

Should I include the serial number here? Is there any way to send you a direct message? Yeah, that would be great if I could join the beta program. I’m trying to use it with Home Assistant and I’ve heard the Ezlo Plus is the best Zwave hub to connect with home assistant.

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Serial No: 30007450

Good point not to be dismissed.
I’m a current Vera 3 (UI5) user and it has been rock solid all these years for me controlling < 20 devices and minimal plugins.

  1. I’m missing out on all of the features that the newer hardware / UI’s have offered, but for now it is ok with me.

  2. All of my older Z-wave devices work perfectly, but I recently purchased several low priced Monoprice PIR motion sensors which were Z-wave Plus and will not include into the Vera 3. Very important if you choose to add devices in the future.

As advised, you probably could get it working with help from the staff or the knowledge contained in this group. (was not aware that an Ezlo based firmware could be installed on the venerable Vera3)

. . . my 2 cents



The Ezlo Linux FW support extends only to the old Vera Edge hardware, not to to Vera 3. So the best way to benefit from all of the new features and support for new zwave devices is through the new Ezlo hardware, by purchasing or by joining the beta program.

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