Help please with ACT ZDM230

Hi again, ???

I’m pulling my hair out trying to use the second button on the ZDN230 (two button with one controlling a local dimmer function).

I can’t seem to access the second button, I’ve tried adding it several times and associating it with a scene to control another deivce but in order to add it to a scene (other than actioning on the primary button which controls the dimmer) seems impossible since it is not a scene controller, when I add the device (called K_dimmer) to an event it automatically gives me the options to control off the primary switch, which is not what I want.

Has anyone else done this before? I’ve done a search which mention groupd IDs but I can’t see how that helps.

Thanks in advance

I should perhaps that I am a little vague how group IDs work in this instance.

I have, by fiddling, managed to assign a groupd ID of 2 to the dimmer switch and assign this to my device ID of 10 for the driveway lights which I wish to control.

Now I can switch the lights off and on but I can’t see how to assign a particular scene to the second switch which turns them on and off, as I wish to make a timed event so the lights only stay on for 5 minutes.

If I add the dimmer to an event as a controlling device, it only allows me to use the first button to control this event, which is no good since it turns on the hall dimmer as well.

Is this a limitation of the device or my brain?

The reason it is important to me is that I can see a way of deploying these devices easily in existing wiring if it is 2-way, since I can put a dimer at either end and use the freed up wire for powering the dvice (obviously changing the wiring in the light sockets to suit).

Sorry if I’m rambling or unclear but I am both currently

I’m in the US so I don’t have hands-on experience with this device, but FWIW:

It looks like this device is very similar to a Leviton scene controller with an integral switch. If Vera’s device implementation is set up correctly for the switch, you should be able to include the device once (by tapping on the left switch) and that should create two devices - one dimmer and one scene controller. The scene controller should have two fields available under the “Scenes” tab for the scene controller device.

If it doesn’t create the scene controller device when you include it to your Vera, then I think the device isn’t fully supported in Vera yet.

I’m really just guessing here. :slight_smile:


I wondered if that might be it!

There is a scene controller floating around but I wasn’t sure what it was (it’s not on the main dashboard page but it is addressable via the event screen), I thought that it might just be a default scene controller systems device or such like, I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens.


nope, that’s not it, darnit.

On reflection I think it would be unlikely to be the culprit since it is device #2 and the dimmer is #12, so I would expect the device numbers to be closer as this stuff is all created sequentially.

It must be a system device or something, as I originally thought.

Thanks though