Help, network slowly dying...

I upgraded my rock solid Veralite from 1.7.730 to 1.7.760. I didn’t have a single device having trouble connecting prior. Within a day or so of upgrading I lost 1 switch, a day later a couple of sensors. I rolled back to 1.7.730 and restored from my local backup with the chip restore. Still, the devices are falling like flies and I’m now at 8-9 devices not connecting. I’m down to only a couple of devices connected and have lost most of my network.

I’ve tried moving devices closer and waiting a day or so to shore up the network and nothing is working. I literally have probably 7 repeater devices within 30’ of my hub and nearly all show as unable to connect.

I had a rock solid network before for well over a year prior. Any suggestions on what’s going on?

I posted about my experience in another thread. The only thing I will say here is that when I read your post regarding the symptoms you are having it felt as if I could have written it.

I am having the EXACT same issues and I even used the words “slowly dying” when referring to the issues to my wife.

Just out of curiosity, do you both have z-wave Thermostats? Or Battery Powered z-wave Devices?

Ha ha ha, you thinking of my issue there buddy :wink:

I have 2 RTH9580WF (non Z-wave), so these shouldn’t cause any issues with my network.

Any other battery powered devices?
Or direct associations?

To some degree in both situations this sounds like you have a badly behaving z-wave device in your mesh and adding a new device it triggering it destabilize your mesh. Bad direct association routes can also cause havoc (usually the only way to clear them is a remove and re-add to clear the device).

I had this issue with a z-wave outlet, where every time I added device, bad things would happen. But it took me a while to figure out that is was the outlet device that was the issue, replaced it an things went better.

Battery devices only exasperate these problems

For the communication issues you may try the Alt UI plugin from @amg0 which proposes a Zwave sanity check table ( Poll NOK) in addition of displaying the zwave network diagram