Help! Netatmo update frequency change from 10 mins and current rain value decimals?

How can i change the frequency of the update from netatmo server from 10 min to 5min or less? in the variable I have tried to edit the value 10 but it defaults to 10 after restart.

Also it seems value for Current Rain is always zero. I am assuming that it is missing the decimal values.

You can’t. The actual Netatmo system polls the sensors every 5 minutes, IIRC, but the web server only allows updates at a 10 minute interval.

No, that’s not the case. It should be in increments of 0.1mm, but if it’s not raining at the moment, then you won’t see anything. That’s why the accumulated statistics are available too.

Thanks v much for your reply. understood on the frequency request. I will verify the sensorRain value next time but i am pretty sure it never gave me a +ve value. I was wondering if this as anything to do with 0.000 (number of decimals value) since on the netatmo app it does show as 0.002 values.

I see that you got the same answer on update frequency on the Netatmo forum page from @korttoma. Please don’t double post… it makes the forum very difficult to follow for others.

If your measurement units are inches, this may be the issue. The metric units, available in raw form as variables on the main plugin device itself, should show something.


Totally my bad… I was not sure where to post my question under a new thread or under the plugin parent. will delete that one or post this link on that post. my apologies for newbie mistake on the forum