Help needed: Manage the "No-Z-Wave" problem remotely

Does anyone know a way to deal with the dongle freeze problem remotely?

I’m not at home and Vera is running well except the message “No Z-Wave”. I guess it is the dongle freeze problem. I just tried to reboot Vera and I did the upgrade to .950.

Nothing you can do remotely, the best thing you can do is leave a key with a friend who knows how to remove/reinsert usb devices if you go on vacation, lol :slight_smile:

You can use an additional Vera to power cycle the frozen Vera :slight_smile: - or you can use a timer to power cycle your Vera once a day …

Unfortunately rebooting Vera doesn’t unfreeze the dongle because the problem isn’t within Vera itself, it’s in the Z-Wave module in the black dongle attached to the back. When you reboot, the power output on Vera’s USB port never cuts out, therefore, the black dongle is never actually reset. We searched extensively trying to find a way to cycle the power on the USB ports on the back of Vera so we could reset the black dongle automatically, but it appears that there is no way to do this. So when the dongle freezes rebooting Vera has no effect; someone has to remove/reinsert the black dongle.

We’ve been working with Zensys/Sigma and Aeon (who make the black dongle) round the clock to isolate the cause of the freezing. We’re going to be offering an alternative dongle to users in the U.S. within the next week to isolate whether it’s a universal problem with all Z-Wave modules from Sigma, or something specific to the Aeon dongle.

Thanks. I’m back home now and a simple remove/insert solves the problem…

Hope you will find a solution for your European customers too.