HELP - Missing/Deleted Files

I accidentally deleted some files and now my IP cameras don’t work properly because I lost my ability to “view” the image. Can someone grab the files from their Vera and post/send them to me, please? The files that I inadvertantly deleted are


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

When you delete files that are part of the Vera ROM image you aren’t really deleting them. You are just applying a “whiteout” on the writeable overlay to hide the file.

See here for recovery steps:

Thanks for the info, but I was unsuccessful in locating the files. The original files I deleted were in /etc/cmh-lu directory and they were not in the /overlay/etc/cmh-lu directory (see attached). I also attached a snapshot of my ip camera device GUI which shows what’s missing and may shed some light on how I can recover.

Restore from last night’s backup.

Hi Richard,

I tried several backups and that didn’t help. I looked at the backup tar file and it does backup the /etc directory, but it doesn’t backup /etc/cmh-lu directory where those files originated. Do you think resetting my Vera back to the factory defaults, then restoring my devices and zwave settings would help?

Or can someone just send me the files please?

Here you go.

Thanks RexBeckett!!! ;D

That did the trick. Everything is back up and running correctly. Thanks again!

Ah, I see /etc/cmh-lu isn’t actually overlaid on the ROM, which explains why the whiteout symlink wasn’t there.

For future reference: There are ROM copies of the files in /mios/etc/cmh-lu, which you can copy across to /etc/cmh-lu.