Help getting thru to MICASA VERDE folks??

I bought a VERA from smarthome, the next week a rebate started at a lower price from smarthomeuse. I knew it would be a PITA to return and rebuy, so I just emailed MCV to ask if they would still honor the rebate… I would still be out an xtra $25 but not $50— NO ANSWER.

I then finally got around to setting up my VERA… missing the power cord to go from the battery pack to the VERA. Called MCV twice, got thru to 'customer service" once-- said someone would follow up— NO ANSWER.

  1. Any idea how to get thru to MCV?
  2. Should I just return, get an RMA and rebuy again?

Very frustrated journalist,


Hi Tex, Sorry to hear about your trouble! I would take it up with Smarthome if I was you! MCV is a bit tied up with trying to get UI4 up and out of the door so a lot of the support is working on our issues in the beta group towards getting all the bugs ironed out there!

If you don’t to take it up with Smarthome then perhaps maybe also try to send a PM here to @micasaverde or submit a trouble ticket through the advanced/tech support tab.

Calling the company doesn’t work.

Calling tech support doesn’t work.

Calling the president of the company doesn’t work.

I have gotten through to sales, and sometimes they are able to convince the technical staff to help me. But it takes hours on the phone. I think there support staff is on an island somewhere in the Atlantic.

I’ve been waiting for promised enhancements for more than 6 months.