Help buying correct DSC alarm system

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I am new to all this sort of stuff and i currently live in the UK and would like some advice to buying a DSC alarm system. I have found a website in the UK that sells them, but not sure exactly everything i need to get it working correctly.


I would also like to know if i can use the motion sensors from the DSC alarm system and use them within a sence for vera? Also instead of using door / window sensors for DSC alarm would i beable to use Fibaro window / door sensors as there alot smaller to use?

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What I recommend is finding a bundle that includes:

Control board
1 or more PIR sensors
Door/Window contacts

Basically, try getting the European version of something like this:

code Power1832 alarm control panel - Cabinet 9.25 x 8.25 x 3
(1) RFK5501ENG LCD keypad
(1) 16V40VA plug-in transformer
(1) BD4-12 12V, 4Ah backup battery
(1) SD 15W-ULF interior surface mount siren
(1) RJ31X telephone jack and cord
(1) LC-100-PI - Digital PIR Detector w/ Pet Immunity
(1) WS4969 - DSC 4-Button Wireless Keyfob w/ Built-In Flashlight
(3) EV-DW4975 - Vanishing Wireless Door Window Sensor[/code]

On this system, the wireless devices use the US frequency, and the power supply is 120VAC only. The keyfob is a nice touch, since it gives you the ability to arm/disarm without being at the keypad. Just make sure that if you get one that the person who will use it isn’t likely to misplace it.

And yes, you can use the door/window and motion sensors from your DSC system with your Vera. You just need to install the DSC plugin and configure it.

You will need a module like the EnvisaLink3 to connect your DSC system to the your Vera via your network.

Update: I found this

It is kinda expensive, but seems to have a lot of the stuff you need without the wireless like the version above.

Kit contains:

1x PC1832 V4.6 Control Panel Mother Board 1x AWO150 Medium Metal Cabinet (inc Transformer and Tamper) 1x PK5500 English Text Keypad 1x Multibox Standard External Bell (choice of lids - please specify by selecting your choice from the "Bell Boxes" category) 1x Multibox Decoy (as per live unit regarding lids) 1x Internal Siren 1x 12V 7Ah Battery 1x CQR Grade 2 Surface Contact 2x LC100 Pet Immune PIR Detectors

There are some fairly recent discussions on this topic.

Have a look here for some info.

Also search for “DSC uk”. It brought up many topics. Including the one above.

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thanks for the replies

Found this wireless bunde package on the website was given above, Would this work? Seems just the wireless version of the wired version linked above.

It will.

Just remember with the wireless PIR sensors, they don’t react as fast as the wired versions.

Take a look here for a good run down of the pros and cons of wired vs wireless:

Good info on DSC wireless PIR sensors:

Also, read the post that garretwp gave. It actually tells you the differences between a US and “International” version of the DSC panels. The panels can be configured to work outside the US by changing a few settings.

If you do get a panel, look on this forum for others who have asked about how to setup a DSC panel. You can also use the forum above to find everything you would need to install and program your DSC system.

thank you for your help.

For example: do i have to use the DSC window/door sensors for it to trigger the alarm or can i use the Fibrao which are linked within vera?

The DSC plugin only makes the sensors from your alarm available for use by the Vera, not the other way around.

I have not tried it, but the plugin shows that you can trip the Police, Medical, and Fire alerts from your Vera like you can at a keypad. With some programming, you may be able to do this. Not the most ideal way to do it, but it could work.

DSC also makes a C24-HUB device, which is their ZWave controller you can connect to your DSC system, but I do not know much about this device, if you can slave to to the Vera, what it offers, etc. (Note that this also requires the IT-230 RS-422 Interface module to work).

thanks for info

Think what i will do is just run the DSC motion sensors and use the fibrao door/window sensors as they look etc alot better and smaller.

Will need to await till i return home to see what is best to do either wireless or wired.

The wireless motion sensors have a 6 second delay. So they will not work well if used as a trigger in vera to say turn on a light when walking into a room.

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[quote=“garrettwp”]The wireless motion sensors have a 6 second delay. So they will not work well if used as a trigger in vera to say turn on a light when walking into a room.

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Thank you. Best i go with wired system for using with triggers etc

I have bought the DSC 1832 but they never had any in stock do there sending mr 1864 for same price. Bonus :slight_smile:

All hard wired as recommended to be best.

Now i need to find a place to buy the envisalink 3

I got mine at

You can also buy directly from the company that makes them at