Heliotrope plugin and closing blinds

I have the Heliotrope plugin functioning properly. I’d like to close the blinds on west side of my house during the time when the sun is shining directly in the west windows. I’ve done some basic calculations, and I feel the blinds should be closed when the sun’s altitude is between 10 and 30 degrees(0 degrees being the horizon) and the azimuth is between -100 and -75(doe west is -90). I may need to adjust these points later.

Here’s what I put together.

SunAltitudeLower	Heliotrope: Sun goes below 10 degrees	
SunAltitudeUpper	Heliotrope: Sun goes below 30 degrees	
SunAzimuthLower	Heliotrope: Sun azimuth decreases past -100 degrees	
SunAzimuthUpper	Heliotrope: Sun azimuth decreases past -75 degrees	

BlindsTiltUp	SunAltitudeUpper AND SunAzimuthUpper AND !SunAltitudeLower AND !SunAzimuthLower AND (SunAltitudeLower;SunAltitudeUpper) AND (SunAzimuthLower;SunAzimuthUpper)

Will this keep firing or just fire once?