Heiman HS1CA Carbon Monoxide CO Detector

This is my thread about the Heiman HS1CA-Z CO Sensor.

Manufacturers product page can be seen here.

User manual: HEIMAN HS1CA-Z manual Gen 5.pdf (167.7 KB)

I paired the device using the Vera mobile Android app, not something I would normally do, as I usually use the Vera UI7 web GUI, but either way is fine.

On my Vera Plus running Vera Firmware version 1.7.5186 (7.31) the device paired fine with no issues what so ever.

Here are the screen shots from the Vera mobile app, there is a specific device pairing wizard on the Vera Plus hub. Strangely there is not on the Ezlo Plus hub.

Here are the screen shots from the Vera UI7 web GUI:



Only one single device was added which is correct.

These are the default device settings:

device_type = urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:SmokeSensor:1
device_file = D_SmokeSensor1.xml
device_json = D_COSensor1NoTamper.json
category_num = 4
subcategory_num = 5

Device Variables screen shots:


The device I believe supports S2 Security but it doesn’t appear to have been paired in Encrypted mode:


I also paired this sensor as a test to the Ezlo Plus hub, however that didn’t go smoothly at all and was a terrible user experience, see here for that story.

I don’t know how to real world test a CO Sensor, but the device has a test button on the front of it that sounds the siren alarm.

Under normal operation the device flashes green every 30 seconds. I don’t believe you can turn that off.

There are no configurable parameter settings listed in the user manual for the device.

However you can use Z-Wave direct Association Groups for BASIC SET ON / OFF commands sent to other devices.

I have also had a Heiman Smoke Detector for quite a while now and that works well also. They are small and discrete looking in size, but loud when they sound the siren alarm.

I am not sure if you could have multiple devices like these and have them interlinked so if for example one smoke sensor sounds to then make all the others sound as well ? Perhaps by using Association Group 2 ? I have not tried this as yet.

I don’t think interlinking these devices is possible ?

On my Smoke Sensor I added Association Group 2 and added the CO Sensor in to this group.



I then woke up the Smoke Sensor by pressing the “Networking” pin hole button once.

Vera configured the device OK.

However when I press the test button on the Smoke Sensor the other CO Sensor does not alarm or sound.

I then as a test added a light in to the Association Group 2. Woke and Configured the Smoke Sensor again.


Now when I press the test button on the Smoke Sensor it turns on that light. So I know the Association Group is working.

I then tried using Association Group 1 (Lffeline) I was able to add the CO Sensor in to the Smoke Sensors Group 1. But when pressing the test button on the Smoke Sensor, the CO Sensor does not alarm or sound.

I then tried adding both sensors in to each others Group 1 which didn’t work either.

Does anyone know how to manually trigger the siren on these type of devices via some command or LUA code ?

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