Heatit Z-Dim

Does Heatit Z-dim work with Vera Edge now? I have installed several of these but I’m not able to connect them. Nothing happens when I push the button 6 times (or 7 times, or faster/slower).

Using the swith to dim the lights works fine.


The HeatIt wall controllers do not seem to send the commands Vera expects. What I did it is to create a Reactor sensor that looks at the sl_CentralScene variable. That will hold the number of the last button pressed. Disadvantage is that a second click of the same button is not detected, but it should be possible to work a round that if required.

Cheers Rene

Thanks! That sounds a bit too complicated for me though…

I just installed three Z-dim devices with Vera Plus on latest UI7. Inclusion was trouble free.

As often before with Heatit, there are some other issues. And their customer service is basicly: “It works fine with Fibaro, so it can’t be our fault”. :frowning:

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