Heatit Z-Dim - vera integration

Do anyone know if Vera is able to integrate the “Heatit Z-Dim”?

www.m.nu says no…

I saw that - but in the land of Vera, with many tech people, I thought it might be possible to make it work anyway, with a hack… There are many devices that’s not suppose to work with Vera, but they still do.

The manufacturer’s website indicates it is a z-wave+ device so it can probably be added and recognized by Vera as a generic device. Whether Vera will understand how to communicate with the device is the real question.


Isn’t this just a rebranded Sunricher dimmer? Their secondary multi button controllers are.

I added two of these to my Vera Plus as generic devices. Seems to work just fine, though I’m not an advanced user, and I haven’t played around with parameter settings and such. But I can control it from the Vera app, and include it in scenes.

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Thanks @Monsmjelde! That´s all I needed to know.

I also have two of these, and they work as a simple dimmer, but has anyone been able to make the double/triple click function to work?


The strange thing is that I bought two of these, and when including the second Z-dim it came up as a scene controller only. I could choose how many buttons the scene controller should have.

I really couldnt use it for anything, so I removed it and included it again, then it appeared as a dimmer like my first one.

I asked support about help, but they came back with generic bla bla about some compatibility list, as if that will help…