Heatit thermostat and veralite , have some questions

Hi , really new to all this so bear with me.

want to set up my veralite with a heatit thermostat,
first - did not find it under thermostat section so i went with the other devices tab and included it from there.

But seems that i have no communication with it ( no temperature showing and there is a little message in green letters saying:
Please wait! Getting the manufacturer… but nothing happens.

Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Hmmm… FWIW, you didn’t specify how you tried to include the thermostat. Maybe you did all of this, and if so I am sorry for being “Captain Obvious”, but typically you have to push a button on the remote device (e.g. the thermostat) and then start the inclusion process on the Vera lite. The Vera also has to be close enough to the remote device to communicate. The instructions say ten feet, but I have included about 4 things at this point and not had any problems even at much farther distances.
I also did not understand what you meant that “there is a little message in green letters”. Where? On the thermostat?
I spent a little time and Googled “Heatit Thermostat” but could not find any device by that name. Is that a typo? Do you have a link to the manufacturer’s website?


I have included the thermostat to vera.
The problems seems to be that it looses its communication to vera all the time.
The red letters are on the device in vera.(Please wait! Getting the manufacturer…

Vera is located 4 meters from thermostat now, so should be in range.

I must say , Vera is terrible slow…

I use the Fibaro HC2 in my summerhouse and its far easyer to set up
and yes the heatit thermostat works there…

Hello Frode

I just got two of those myself, except that they are Multireg branded. Søk - Thermo Floor AS
I can not get it to work properly either, same errors as you.
I’m running UI5 though…

I’ve sent an email to Vera support, but no answer so far.

I had a talk with one of the tech’s at Multireg (developers of this termostat) and he told me that he had sent specs. to MicasaVerde, Fibaro and Zipato for they to implement how this thermostat should work in their systems.


Thank you.
God to get an aswer that it’s not just me
having problems.

Hi, are there any updates on this?
I have four Multireg/HeatIT thermostats and I wont to buy Vera Plus, is it worth it?

I have the heatit thermostat. I test it without z-wave connection. If I set the sendsor to “F”, the device show the floor temperature by default. But, if I set the sensor to “A”, i think, the device must show the room air temperature. It only shows the set temperature. Why?

Thanks for your help!

This is by design from the manufacturer. From firmware version 1.8 the display shows the set temperature when using the internal air temperature sensor. The reason for this, as alluded to in the “Principles for temperature regulation” from the manufacturer, is that the device gets very warm when supplying a lot of power to the floor heating and the internal sensor is affected by this and its temperature is internally corrected in some way to allow for a correct temperature regulation. Showing the actual value from the sensor to the user would just be confusing.
If you connect an external air temperature sensor the display should show this value (I have not verified this yet myself but I will be getting one since I’d really like to see the room temperature and the manufacturer says this will make for better regulation also).

I use the heatit with an external air temp sensor and can confirm it shows the room temp not the setpoint on screen.

Are you using a Heatit in the US?

No, UK.