Heating Ground and Radiators


I’m wondering what Thermostats/Controllers I can use with Vera 2 for my heating system :

  1. My electrical heating ground (ground floor)
  2. My six electrical radiators (1st floor)

Since I don’t have a boiler, I don’t know what to choose …s

I can’t find any answer, please help me :slight_smile:
PS : I live in Europe (France)



It seems that there is no Z-Wave high voltage Thermostats on the market.

Therefore Z-Wave is not a good solution (for that aspect) for us who have electric baseboards heaters or heating floor heating.

That said, there is some threads about using temperature sensors and relays to make some kind of control.

For me it’s a big hole in the whole Z-Wave solution.

Thanks for your answer !

To be more specific, you can use this relay (RC840T-240 Aube 240V Relay With Built In 24V Transformer - Aartech Canada) and a standard low voltage thermostat.

The Aube RC840T is commonly used to control a line voltage load from a low voltage thermostat. Is has a built-in 24V transformer and the load side is rated at 4575W @208V or 5280W @ 240V. Relay is epoxy soundproofed for quiet operation.