Heating controll

Every body know the “Eurotronic StellaZ” radiator thermostat is compatible with Vera3?

My second question: if compatible, can i see room temperature, if i don’t mount any other room temperature sensor. Just one “Eurotronic StellaZ” in every room.

Thanks Csucsu


I’ve had one of these on test all week and it works nicely with VERA.

Includes easily and then after the first poll interval displays ambient temperature in VERA. This can then be used in a standard VERA scene or used in a PLEG scene.

You can run the scene to change the StellaZ’s setpoint temperature as well, or do it manually via VERA.

So far this looks like a good device, I know several other users are testing it this weekend on VERA. I plan to add it to the Vesternet Z-Wave Compatibility guide early next week - http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-compatibility-guide. After that we will add a lot of these to stock as a great alternative to the Danfoss devices.


Hello Mark,

Thank You for good news.
Can you recommend a reliable Ethernet relay module for VERA3?
I want to switch on/off the boiler and circulating pump with this, when any StellaZ is request heating.

Thanks, Csucsu